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Earlier this week Guy Sebastian co hosted the show with the whole team at Studio 10, discussing everything from sport to the best part about being famous. He also appeared to play a rendition of his newest single, ‘Set In Stone. Guy also appeared on The Project to discuss the creative process behind his new soul-pop EP release ‘PART ONE’.

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Guy Sebastian Co-hosting Studio 10:


Guy Sebastian Performing ‘Set In Stone’ Live At Studio 10:

Guy Sebastian On The Project: 


Guy Sebastian’s Part 1 EP available today



Guy Sebastian today releases an all new electronica tinged, soul-pop EP entitled, PART 1 EP‎.

“Once I clicked into the sound I wanted, it was much easier. So most of the stuff has come within the last 3 – 4 months, and that’s pretty much been the whole album” Guy explains.

“A lot of the songs were birthed literally from playlisting. Honestly, I owe a lot to streaming services because of the playlists that I’ve made – all these influences, I wouldn’t have discovered them – so it has just been integral to the production of what I want.

PART 1 EP showcases Guy’s impressive song-writing skills and an exciting emphasis on the production process showcasing his new found influence and inspiration. It cements him as one of Australia’s most talented acts whilst exemplifying his ability to traverse and experiment with a variety of genres.

Watch Guy Sebastian On Australian TV

Earlier this week Guy Sebastian appeared on Australian television programs to intimately discuss the inspiration for his new single, ‘Set In Stone’, performing stripped back and live versions of the hit track. Click the image to watch the video:


Better Homes and Gardens: Joh Catches Up With Guy Sebastian.


The Morning Show: Guy Sebastian Performs ‘Set In Stone’ Live


The Morning Show: Guy Sebastian Performs ‘Battle Scars’ Live.

guy-news-piece-3Sunrise: Guy Sebastian Performs ‘Set In Stone’ Live.


Sunrise: Guy Sebastian Reveals How Watching Someone Die Made Him Appreciate Life.






‘Set In Stone’ pre-orders announced


Australian superstar GUY SEBASTIAN today announces his brand new single ‘Set In Stone’, available to pre-order now.

The inspiration for this song came when Guy was in Bali writing songs for his upcoming release. Whilst there, he witnessed a particular incident that led to one of those incredible light bulb moments that finds you contemplating & appreciating the life that you have. ‘Set In Stone’ was co-written with Stuart Crichton and Taylor Parks (Usher, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj) and produced by M-Phazes (Eminem, Daniel Johns, Illy, Bliss N Eso) and mixed by Grammy award winning engineer, Miles Walker (Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher).

Guy explains, “You know, there are a lot of things in life that are fleeting, there are a lot of things that come and go, people that come and go and experiences that come and go, but then there’s those things that are there forever. The people that are there forever that support you and love you. This song is all about holding onto those things – the tough dark times as well as the great & exciting times and prioritizing them.”

New Single ‘Candle’ Gains Traction

The new single, ‘Candle’, from Guy Sebastian has already gained traction with new and old fans alike.

MusicFeeds have labelled it “an electro-soul stomper packed with processed guitars and thumping drum loops”, comparing it to “the mutant offspring of Hozier, Flume, Diplo, SAFIA and Nothing But Thieves, only with Guy Smiley’s unmistakable golden pipes shining at the fore.” Read the whole article here.


GUY candle 1


“If someone said to me, ‘there’s no rules – there’s no boundaries to what you want to do’… what sort of music would I make?”

After what can only be described as an incredible career to date, today Australian superstar GUY SEBASTIAN is surprising fans with a brand new track, ‘Candle’

This brand new single is the first piece of work to be heard from new material that came out of an inspiring studio session with Guy’s good friends Jon Hume and Trey Campbell. What started with a drum loop has finished as a belter of a tune, as Guy takes a bold step towards his true musical influences, channelling the grunt of Lenny Kravitz whilst still maintaining his signature soulful vocal. Written for his wife Jules (and her favourite so far) this growling contemporary serenade is about kicking aside temptations on the road when you know the key to your heart is waiting at home.

The creation of ‘Candle’ was as spontaneous as it sounds; the guts of the tune written in a half-hour clash of inspiration and now released only three months later with no warning and zero fanfare. “I like that I’m just throwing it out there, seeing what it does on its own legs,” explains Guy.

After ten unforgettable but taxing years on the pop trail, Guy needed a break last year to recharge and realign his artistic priorities. “You get thrown into a world and you just pedal and pedal to keep going. You’re living in constant fear that doing music for a living is only fleeting and you’ve got to make the most of it, so you don’t take a holiday and you don’t stop.”

“Finally I took a moment to get off the treadmill and now I’m super inspired by the industry again because there’s no rules – and electronica is just killing it! I’ve never loved music so much.”