Fresh on the release of his brand new single, ‘Bloodstone’, Guy Sebastian today releases his 10th studio album CONCIOUS through Sony Music Entertainment Australia.
Even though CONSCIOUS is his 10th studio album, it radiates with the kind of fire and vigour you rarely hear this deep into an artist’s career. And, on the cusp of turning 36, Sebastian explains that if it sounds like an honest, poignant and important slice of his life, it’s because it is.
“This has probably been the most laborious process,” he explains. “I don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard on anything as I have on this. And just to make something I’m really proud of but also something that’s mature.”
“I think anyone who listens to this album will know I’m not trying to write a ‘pure pop song trying to get on radio’ album,” Guy continues. “Yes, of course, there are pop songs on there – it’s just my style of writing – but it’s not terribly pop. It’s quite experimental in some ways and soulful in other ways and less straight-up.”
And while CONSCIOUS is still packed with the kind of pop hooks and heart-on-sleeve sentiment that’s made Sebastian one of the country’s most-loved and enduring artists, it also sees him stride confidently into new territory. His raw, live-sounding vocals soar over intricate and immersive electronica, striking a compelling balance between soulful, emotive pop and simmering, spacious groove-laden beats.
“I didn’t want perfect vocals on this album, I wanted to go for full takes,” he says, adding that in the past some of his material may have suffered through too many vocal takes to find the “perfect” parts. “I didn’t really want that on this record. I wanted it to feel a bit more real.”
If life can be a struggle, making CONSCIOUS was anything but. Smacked with confidence and an assuredness that comes with experience and knowing yourself, Sebastian gives each song what it needs to shine. He had some help in doing this, with collaborators including Gold Coast producer M-Phazes (Amy Shark, Daniel Johns), Evermore frontman Jon Hume, 23-year-old Aussie songwriting prodigy Sarah Aarons (who penned ‘Stay’ for Alessia Cara and Zedd), beats producer MXXWLL and fellow Sydney writer and producer Sam Sakr, plus US writer Trey Campbell. They brought to the table a unique set of skills that not only gave CONSCIOUS the touches it needed, but inspired Sebastian to push things even further.
“My driving force is always the power music,” Guy explains. “Music is a hugely powerful medium, and I’ve been given the keys to deliver it. And through my music, the amount of people who are affected by it – the amount of letters that I get, the amount of social media messages I get, with people saying, ‘That song really helped me through this,’ or, ‘It really picked me up while I was going through this and that.’ It’s really made me realise the importance and the responsibility that I have – and it’s been a massive driving force for me to keep going.”
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